Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kothiraivali Sakkarai Pongal, Barnyard Millet Sweetened With Jaggery

          This month, I am very late in posting my dish for the ' Shhhhh Cooking Secretly ' challenge, I was paired with Nalini Suresh, she had given me Kothiraivali/ Barnyard Millet and Vellam/ Jaggery as the secret ingredients. I was kind of very busy this month and hardly cooked anything, but I didn't want to miss the post, so finally, yesterday, I made this sakkarai pongal with barnyard millet. I thought I'll make a kesari ( sweet dish, usually made with semolina and sugar ), using kothiraivali and replacing the sugar with jaggery, but after finishing the dish, I understood that, when sugar is replaced with jaggery, the dish gets the taste of pongal. This is such a simple dish, can be done in under 30 minutes, but the taste was awesome, I felt that it tasted even better than the regular sakkarai pongal that we do with rice. And since we are using millets and jaggery, I can definitely say, it's a very healthy sweet or dessert when compared to other sweets made with white rice, flour and sugar..
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Kadala Curry, Brown Chickpeas Curry

          Kadala Curry is a very popular dish in Kerala ( a state in India ), it's mostly served with puttu ( a steamed dish made with rice flour ). We use brown chickpeas ( it's more nutritious than the white variety ) for this curry, and it's cooked in a coconut based gravy. The flavor is very distinct and it tastes equally good even with idlis and dosas..
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Kambu Idli, Pearl Millet Idli

          Many of us are opting for healthy options, trying to replace white rice and flour with whole grains, brown rice and whole wheat flour. Millets is another healthy choice, there are so many varieties, ragi/ finger millet, kambu/ pearl millet and thinai/ foxtail millet, to name a few. They are available whole or in flour form, and we can use them in the place of rice in so many dishes. I have used Pearl Millet today to make the common South Indian dish, idlis. Idlis are usually made with parboiled rice and urad dal/ black gram, I have replaced half the amount of rice with the pearl millet. The idlis turned out really soft and delicious and I also made dosas with the batter, they came out very crispy and we loved the sweet flavor of pearl millet..
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Potato And Eggplant Dry Sabzi

          The past couple of weeks has been really hectic, travelling and weddings had kept me away from my blog, I have made only three posts this month. I had made some dishes, clicked pictures but didn't have the time to edit and do a post, neither could I visit other blogs, I think everything should fall back to routine by the end of this month. Coming back to today's dish, it's a semi-dry curry with potatoes and eggplant/ brinjal, I had made it along with Gujarati Khichdi and Kadhi. I have another dry curry with potatoes and eggplant here, but that has a South Indian flavor, whereas this curry is more along the lines of a Gujarati Shak, but a dry version. It is a very easy dish and tastes really good with the khichdi and kadhi and it would also go very well with some rotis or puris too..
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