Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes With Strawberry Filling

           For quite sometime now, I wanted to try out cupcakes with some filling inside, but being the lazy me, I didn't do it until now. Well, this time I was paired with Janani Krishnakumaar of Red Chilly Curry for the 'Shhhh Cooking Secretly' challenge, she gave me chocolate and strawberries as the two ingredients. After some thought, I decided to make these cupcakes with strawberry filling. I decided to make the cupcakes vegan and made the filling with fresh strawberries ( my next post ), of course, you can use any fruit preserve or store bought jam or jelly instead of the strawberry filling. Though I have called them cupcakes, I didn't make them too sweet, you could have a couple of them for breakfast too, they were moist, soft and delicious..
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry

          Another cuisine that I like is the Thai Cuisine, though, being a vegetarian, I can taste only very few dishes, I love their Red Curry, Green Curry and Pad Thai. We can make these curries at home, we get readymade Red Curry and Green Curry Paste, but, for today I have made the red curry paste from scratch. Apart from the spices that we use in the Indian kitchen, there are a few ingredients that are unique to this curry, lemon grass, galangal, kafir lime leaves and basil leaves. I got the lemon grass and basil leaves, but was unlucky with the galangal and kafir lime leaves, but I replaced them with ginger and grated lemon zest respectively. The curry turned out awesome and tasted very good with plain rice..
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Poori Urulaikizhangu Masala, Potato Curry

          Poori Urulaikizhangu, whenever I make pooris ( which is not often ), this is the side dish that I make with it. Though we can serve pooris with chana masala and kurmas, in my house this is a favorite. This is an easy dish, the flavors are very simple and there is not much oil or cream or coconut in this dish, so it's light and delicious with the deep fried pooris..
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fluffy Pooris ( Puris )

          It has taken me so long ( more than 3 years ) to post these pooris/puris, though I make rotis/chappathis every other day, I make pooris very rarely, also, till now, I never got a chance to take pictures. Making perfect pooris might be a little hard for a beginner ( I have also been one ), they might turn out flat and crispy. The key to getting soft and fluffy pooris is in preparing the dough correctly and then rolling them, not too thin, of course, all this comes with practice..
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