Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Paneer Parathas, Flat Breads Stuffed With Indian Cottage Cheese

          Parathas are an all time favorite in my house and especially when the filling is with paneer, then my daughter is even more happy. Though rolling out parathas might take a little more time than regular rotis, we need not make a separate curry to go with it, so the time is compensated and the parathas can be served just with some plain yogurt and pickle. I have already posted many Parathas and even one with paneer and spinach combo ( Spinach Paneer Paratha ), but for today's dish, the filling is only grated paneer/Indian cottage cheese flavored with some spices and chopped coriander. The parathas came out very well and we had it with some tomato pickle ( recipe coming next )..
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Mampazha Rasam, Mango Rasam ( Soup )

          It's more than two weeks now, that I have cooked anything, hopefully, my kitchen will be ready by this weekend, till then I am posting dishes that I had made some time back. Today's post is going to be Mampazha Rasam/Mango Rasam, I had made this in the summer when mangoes were in season. After the Mango Moru Kuzhambu, I wanted to try something else with ripe mangoes, something that can be had with rice and then I decided to make a rasam with it. We make rasam with pineapples, so I thought that something like that with mangoes should also taste good. Just like I thought, the rasam turned out really good and went very well with rice, try this rasam if you like Pineapple Rasam, because both of them taste a little sweet because of the fruits..
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Mangalore Cucumber ( Vellarikkai ) Curry

          After all the sweets, savories and heavy food for Diwali, today's dish is going to be a simple one, a curry to go with rice. I have been seeing this Mangalore cucumber, so many times, especially after moving to Bangalore, but I never bought it as I was not sure about what I was going to do with it. Then I saw this curry here and I wanted to try it, this is a Mangalorean dish, it has a perfect blend of spices and a good amount of coconut in it. I followed the recipe exactly, except for a few changes, I reduced the amount of coconut and spices to our taste and it tasted very good with plain rice..
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Varagu Arisi Idlis, Kodo Millet Steamed Cakes

          Today's dish is going to be another idli/steamed cakes using millets, and this time it's going to be with Varagu Arisi/Kodo Millet. I have already posted an idli recipe with Kambu/Pearl Millets, there I have used parboiled rice along with the pearl millet to make the idlis, But for these Varagu Arisi Idlis, I have used only varagu arisi/kodo millet along with urad dal/black gram and fenugreek seeds. The idlis turned out soft and fluffy and they would go very well with both sambar or chutney, we had it with some peanut chutney. As idlis are a part of the traditional breakfast served on Diwali, might be, you can try out these Varagu Arisi Idlis for this Diwali..
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